Fashion Diary 2: How To Build A Wardrobe You can Be Proud Of

I think it’s safe to say that EVERY female has said the words “I have nothing to wear” at least two or three times when deciding what to wear that day. It’s stressful, I know.

Let’s bring it back to 2012/13, I just graduated high school, in my first year of college, intimidated af! I call these years “lost” because I was everything but true to myself. In my opinion I lacked two important things (to me) which are                            1. confidence in all areas of my life – lol                                                                                                                                          2. STYLE.

In my “lost” years I found myself comparing myself to other girls and trying to analyze their outfits so I can buy similar ones to fit in. As bad as that sounds, it’s true because your style has a lot to do with your confidence. At that time I knew my sense of style was not strong at all and I was never comfortable stepping in a room because I had no confidence in what I looked like. It got to the point where I was unhappy and desperately needed a change! And that’s where my life saver comes in, Pinterest.

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Pinterest is great for pretty much everything but I mainly use it for fashion inspo. This literally helped me turn my closet into something I love! Pinterest allowed me to view many different outfits and figure out the type of styles I liked and disliked, so when I went shopping I knew exactly what type of clothing i was going for. I suggest you give this a try to!

When buying clothes its important to make sure you are buying the right sizes! Always buy pieces that are easy to move in and fits just right. Not too big where it looks unflattering and not too tight where it looks like we can’t breathe in it! Some pieces in my closet that never fail me are:

  1. yoga pants
  2. hoodie
  3. black and blue jeans
  4. body suits/ basic t-shirts
  5. leather pants
  6. bomber jackets
  7. leather jacket
  8. duster
  9. crop tops
  10. black dress
  11. t-shirt dress
  12. maxi dress

These pieces if done right can make cute outfits! Now, if your problem isn’t buying the clothes, its putting outfits together, don’t you worry honey, I have a solution for that to.

I came across this style app called Stylebook and it’s a bit of a game changer. With the Stylebook app, it allows the user to take pictures of their clothes and play around with different pieces to put together an outfit for any occasion! This is helpful for those who don’t have time to shop or go through every single piece in their closet because right on their phone they are able to navigate through their closet – which is pretty cool.

Since finding Pinterest and Stylebook I have created a wardrobe I am truly proud of and now walking in a room is a piece of cake because I know I look good and I feel confident.

Comment below and let me know your thoughts and what are your favourite pieces in your closet!


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